In the last 6 months of 2019 AZNETS forged partnerships with cancer groups and foundations in order to strengthen its capacity and raise awareness on neuroendocrine cancer in Africa. The African NET patient group was supported by Faraja Cancer Support Trust, a leading cancer awareness and patient care organization, based in Nairobi, Kenya, who provided assistance to NET patients for treatment and psychological care on World NET Cancer Day.

AZNETS applied to join Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations (KENCO), the national umbrella body for cancer NGOs, patient groups and community-based organizations active in cancer control. KENCO membership will benefit AZNETS in capacity building, access to governmental support, resources and widened advocacy reach.

A partnership with Safaricom Foundation was also launched. Through the foundation’s Usamaria Project, providing financial assistance for care and treatments to patients in need, AZNETS was able to refer two NET patients in deep financial need to apply for funding. Positive feedback from the foundation was received along with a promise to fund the patients shortly.