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NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia (NECA) recently received a “one off”” grant from the Australian Federal Government to raise awareness of neuroendocrine cancer, its symptoms, promote the Optimal Care Pathway and increase NECA resources. In August, NECA announced the launch of the National Awareness campaign.

The ‘Camouflage Campaign’ is rolling out now to all social media platforms, highlighting the vague symptoms that NET patients can experience. The campaign calls for the general public and healthcare professionals to consider the grey area, and screen for NETs.

The results have been wonderful from the first month with NECA website traffic doubled due to SEO expenditure, a refreshed website and the sheer reach of the digital ads. NECA is receiving calls from patients who have been recently diagnosed or in the process of being diagnosed. Capturing them much earlier in the process eases anxiety and facilitates much needed support of the NET community.

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