African Zebra Cancer NETwork Support (AZNETS) was established in 2018 and is the first patient organization in Africa dedicated to raising awareness about neuroendocrine tumors and other cancers. The group was born on social media as a Facebook group, created by Bernard Rono in 2017. AZNETS was officially registered in Kenya as a cancer patient self-help organization under the Ministry of East Africa Affairs in the end of 2018.

For the several months since its official set-up, AZNETS put special efforts in the development of a program for continuous medical education on NETs (CMENET). The program launched at the beginning of 2019 and more than eighty healthcare professionals in Kenya have passed it so far. Support group meetings for patients were also held. AZNETS is heavily supportive of INCA’s initiative SCAN. The group translated the survey questionnaires in Swahili and actively invites native NET patients and healthcare professionals to share their views.

AZNETS aims to develop beyond Kenya and throughout the whole region of Africa, and already has South Africa on board. Determined to improve NET awareness, diagnostic and treatment options for NET patients in Africa, the group is actively working in spite of the various challenges it faces.

AZNETS is grateful to INCA for their support and acceptance to have them as an associate member.

You can learn more about AZNETS and support the group via AZNETS Facebook page.