Nikie Jervis 

Support and Information Specialist Nurse for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK



Nikie Jervis is the Support and Information Specialist Nurse for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. 

She joined the charity in November 2015 after more than 25 years within the NHS, primarily working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) for those with neuroendocrine cancer.

Her role is her ambition – and that is to ensure that everyone affected by neuroendocrine cancer, newly diagnosed to living with, knows that they have someone and somewhere where they can turn to for honest, reliable and fact-checked information, advice, and support. 

Nikie has seen how neuroendocrine cancer impacts on everyone affected and all aspects of their everyday life – from the shock of diagnosis to the uncertainty of the future, from managing symptoms to dealing with long-term follow up – from feeling alone to becoming part of a community and living well. 

Providing reliable, evidence-based information is an essential part of support alongside providing safe spaces to talk – through dedicated helpline, online forums and support groups.

Her role also includes developing information resources and ensuring the “patient voice” and experiences are heard at both national and international level by healthcare professionals, providers and services, and by both decision- and policymakers across the UK.