Helping NET Cancer patients get a timely diagnosis,
the best care and ultimately a cure

If you don’t suspect it you can’t detect it

INCA - the global voice in support of neuroendocrine cancer patients

Information empowers patients to make decisions

Access to optimal treatment and care for all patients around the world

NET research needs more patient involvement and more resources

84% of NET patients
lack information


Their needs for information about treatment
options were not met at the time of diagnosis.

58% of NET patients are
diagnosed at an advanced stage

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INCA/ENETS Symposium 2021

INCA/ENETS Symposium 2021

INCA is proud to announce that the INCA/ENETS Symposium will take place on 26 February 2021 at the 18th ENETS Annual Conference. Patient impact on improving NET research and time to diagnosis will be the two focal points of the discussion, featuring INCA patient...

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APTED France parle des TNEs / APTED France Talks About NETs

APTED France parle des TNEs / APTED France Talks About NETs

Christine Rodien-Louw Présidente d' APTED France, parle des TNEs, à l'occasion la journée mondiale sur la WEB Radio. Cette radio est disponible sous la forme de podcast, par et pour les patients.www.PatientsEnsemble. C'est l'occasion d'un partage d'informations, de...

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