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NET Cancer Day
Add a NET Cancer Day ribbon to your profile picture to support awareness about NETs

NET Patient Foundation UK has started a campaign on the occasion of 10th November – World NET Cancer Day - to help organization raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer by adding a Twibbon to one’s profile picture and ask everyone one knows to join in our Twibbon campaign. Join the Twibbon campaign and spread awareness on…

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the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation USA
Go Zebra-Striped on social media to support World NET Cancer Day

On November 10 each year, patients, families, advocates and medical professionals around the world unite to raise awareness for carcinoid/neuroendocrine cancer. This year, the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation USA, with help from Advanced Accelerated Applications, hopes to increase awareness of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and carcinoid cancer by offering this photo filter to enable you, your family…

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CNETS Canada Team Zebra
CNETS Canada Team Zebra raises $40,000 for NET cancer research in Canada

Congratulations to Team Zebra Toronto and Team Zebra Scotia for raising a combined total of $40,000 for NET cancer research in Canada, at the 2017 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Team Zebra Scotia is expecting to receive $5,000 in match funding from Scotiabank to bring the grand total to $45,000! This is all part of annual…

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NET Patient Foundation
NET Patient Foundation invites NET patient for a raising awareness reception at House of Commons

Would you be interested in joining us at a reception in the House of Commons to raise awareness of rare and less common cancers amongst MPs? NET Patient Foundation is looking for an NPF patient to join the organization on Wednesday 22nd November between 4pm and 6pm. It's a critical time for rare and less…

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AMEND UK Publishes Article in Endocrine-Related Cancer Medical Journal

AMEND CEO, Jo Grey and AMEND Counsellor, Kym Winter, have had their invited Review for the medical journal, Endocrine-Related Cancer (ERC), accepted for publication. The Review, entitled, Prognosis and Quality of Life in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2 (MEN2), takes a unique look at the advances made since the development of the genetic test for…

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NANETS, NET Patients Survey
A Patient Survey on Neuroendocrine Tumors reported at NANETS Annual Symposium

At the 10th North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (NANETS) Annual Symposium in Philadelphia, Mohid Khan and colleagues presented the results of a survey conducted in the United States, Germany and France involving 741 patients with neuroendocrine tumors. The survey consisted of 12 multiple-choice questions to determine the physical, emotional, and informational challenges these patients face.…

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Global NET Survey
A website promotes The Global NET Survey collaborative project of INCA and Novartis

A website http://netcancerexperience.com/ is being promoted with a wealth of NET patient stories that articulate their experience. The idea of the website is to illustrate the findings of the Global NET Survey conducted by the collaborative efforts of INCA and Novartis. The website contains real-life stories, some of them by INCA members’ representatives, and offers…

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NET Patient Foundation
INCA Member in Focus: NET Patient Foundation UK

Every month INCA presents one of its members via an interview with the founders and governance. This month we are glad to present NET Patient Foundation UK by interviewing Catherine Bouvier who is is the CEO  of the organization. When was the organization founded and how? The NET Patient Foundation was founded in 2006, but the…

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NET Patient Foundation NET Cancer Day
NET Patient Foundation UK encourages for NET Cancer Day Coffee Morning

NET Patient Foundation UK announced that for this year's NET Cancer Day they are asking everyone to hold a coffee morning to help raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer and to raise some much needed funds for the organization. Volunteers are invited to sign up by completing the form on the website and NET Patient Foundation…

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Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation USA Launches New Educational Carcinoid Syndrome Website

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation USA has launched a new website, www.carcinoidsyndrome.org. This website is designed as a space for everything about carcinoid syndrome – from diagnosis and treatment to news and community updates. The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s web initiative is to ensure a place for education and information for all who would have any questions…

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