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NET Patient Foundation Hosts First Meeting of Dieticians with Interest in NETs – DING

The NET Patient Foundation was delighted to host the first European dietetic group meeting - DING - Dieticians Interested in NETs Group. Around 25 dieticians came together from across the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark to educate and share issues that are effecting our NET patients. Controlling symptoms caused by this disease is such an…

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NETRF Announces Grant Funding for Neuroendocrine Cancer Research

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) has announced its latest Request for Applications (RFA) and invites innovative research applications in neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) that can bring the field closer to more effective therapies. “We are looking to fund research capable of having a rapid impact on improving care for NET patients,” said Elyse Gellerman, NETRF…

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Letting Go and Looking Forward – CCF Anniversary Video Speaks About the Benefit of Yoga

CCF’s 50th anniversary video series continues with “Letting Go and Looking Forward.” Diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2014, Stacie Chevrier’s first reaction was fear and anxiety. Then she found yoga, where she is strong, present, and in control. “You have to find something to be grateful for every day, because there is always…

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AMEND Organizes Trekking Weekend to Raise Funds

The Yorkshire Three Peaks, in the Yorkshire Dales, represents a challenge for the keenest of walkers from 29th June to 1st July, 2018. To scale three mountains in two days is no mean feat and provides an exhilarating and demanding trek in some of the most spectacular countryside England has to offer. This fundraising event…

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Announcement of $2.5 Million for Research Into Low Survival Cancers in Australia

The Victorian Low Survival Cancers Alliance is a group of 11 organisations that are advocating to increase research funding for cancers with a five-year survival rate of less than or equal to 30%. For some of these cancers, survival is as low as 6%. The Alliance formed in 2016, in which Unicorn Foundation was a…

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2nd Video from CCF’s 50th Anniversary Series is Now Online

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s video series continues with “Fear and Hope.” Mack Caudill was devastated when he was diagnosed with carcinoid in 1997, especially when the doctor said, "You have cancer."  Fear was his initial reaction but his faith, a loving wife, wonderful friends, and becoming the leader of the neuroendocrine cancer support group in…

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NET Patient Foundation
NET Patient Foundation: Research to Improve Clinical Experience and Understand Patients’ Concerns.

The NET Patient Foundation is committed to research into neuroendocrine cancers. This research can take different forms, but research that can have potential immediate impact in improving clinical experience, and understanding of the patients concerns is so valid. The NET Patient Foundation has supported 2 recent publications, which have both utilised the patient experience to…

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UK Research Registry Now Collecting Data for MEN1 and pNETs

UK National Research Registry for MEN1 and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (pNETs) is now collecting patient data. Patients can sign up to AMEND's specific mailing list here in order to receive more information shortly about how to notify their specialists to get involved.

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Unicorn Foundation New Zealand Fundraising Waterfront Half Marathon

The Unicorn Foundation New Zealand has a growing team of keen walkers & runners who took part in the Waterfront Half Marathon on April 8, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. Team Unicorn Foundation New Zealand ran to help raise funds and awareness for the work of the organization, which supports and advocates for patients and…

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INCA at the 2nd Annual EURACAN Conference, Oxford, UK, 4-6 April 2018

Entitled “Sustainability and Innovation in Rare Cancer Management,“ the 2nd Annual EURACAN Conference, chaired by Prof Jean-Yves Blay and Prof Bass Hassan, offered an overview of the latest updates in rare cancers management. The conference covered multiple sessions over three days including: the Rare Cancer Pathway, facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients, enabling technologies…

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